WHOI Argo Float S/N: 244


Graphs and Selected Meta-Data:

WHOI Float #: 244
WMO #: 4900446
AOML #: 614
Launched: 08-10-2003
Launch Platform: M/V Lykes Raider
Cruise ID: AX8
Launch Deployer: BenKates
Last Heard From: 29-01-2007
Profiles at GDAC: 121
Longevity: 3.3 yrs
Cycle Time: 10.0 days
Surface Time: 12.0 hrs
Drift Pressure: 1000 dbar
Profile Pressure: 1800 dbar
Telcom: ARGOS 40369
Instrument: SS110_FS10
ROM version: n/a
Temperature: EXCELL, s/n: 1507
Conductivity: EXCELL, s/n: 1507
Pressure: Druck, s/n: n/a
GDAC D-files: 121
GDAC R-files: 0
Data Archive: link to GDAC
WHOI Plots: 14
WHOI Docs: --
Calibration Correction: Trend: Fresher
Calibration Plots: PDF

Creation Date: 25-Jan-2011
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