WHOI ARGO DMQC: Description of Status Tables

Note: Not all columns are present in every table.
Column Header Description
WHOI SER# WHOI Serial Number
WMO ID# World Meteorological Organization Identification Number
CPU_CTD Hardware: Processor and CTD type
Comm Satellite communications system
Modem ID # Satellite communication modem Number
Launch Date Date which float was launched
Note: floats with date 1950-01-01 are in pre-deployment test phase
Date of Most Recent Date of most recent profile in the GDAC archive
Longevity Elapsed time from launch to most recent profile
Alive Estimate of whether float is still active based on date of most recent profile.
'Y' if within past 30 days; 'n' if no reports in past 120 days.
flt_dict Status Status of float as listed in internal WHOI database
Mean Position Mean location of all reported profiles
WHOI PLOTS A link to a directory of plots generated from WHOI processing of Real-time Data.
The number indicates how many of the real-time plots are available.
Profile Qualities An estimate of float performance based on salinity profile quality flag.
A:all data is good; F:all data is bad. Indeterminate grades (B-D) are not displayed.
Profiles at GDAC Number of profiles located in the GDAC archive:
R:Real-time data; D:Delayed-Mode data
Links to a plot displaying data return as a function of cycle # and pressure
Good data is shown in green; bad data is red;
Darker shaded data is Real-time; lighter shade is Delayed-mode.
Fraction Processed Fraction of the profiles which are Delayed-Mode
Calibration Correction Indicates whether a salinity correction was or was not applied to Delayed-Mode profiles.
Links to a plot of calibration correction (if required)
Calibration is expressed as a multiplier to the conductivity.
Calibration Plots Link to a PDF of plots created by the Owens & Wong salinity calibration method.

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