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Recent WHOI Argo Deployment News

23 October 2010: Andrew Birkett launches the 17th float in 40 days during back-to-back AX-08 cruises onboard the container ship Safmarine Ngami.

29 August 2010: William Fanning (URI) deploys #4901057, the sixth and final float launched during an R/V Endeavor expidition to the Tropical Atlantic.

24 July 2010: Float #4901206 deployed from SSV Corwith Cramer during annual Jake Peirson Summer Cruise.

Cramer Deployment 2010

Argo float being prepared for deployment on the deck of the SSV Corwith Cramer
[photograph:Sophia Merrifield]

4 July 2010: Five floats launched from R/V Knorr during transit from Bridgetown, Barbados to Ponta Delgada, Azores. Sean Guss, deployer.

7 June 2010: Float #4901044 deployed within Loop Current Eddy: first Argo float in the Gulf of Mexico

25 April 2010: A shipment of 12 floats clears Ghanan customs and is loaded aboard the R/V Ron Brown at the port of Takoradi. The floats will be deployed by Claudia Schmid and company during the annual Pirata Northeast extension cruise.

12 April 2010: James Farrington and Kyle Seaton, onboard the R/V Ron Brown in the South Atlantic, launch the eighth and final float as part of the CLIVAR A13.5 hydrographic survey.

15 February 2010: Launch of the first of eight floats during a transit of the South Alantic by the R/V Ronald Brown. Deployments by Fergus Mckay, South African Weather Service.

argo float deployment

Argo Float Deployment, R/V Ronald H. Brown, February 2010,
Jonathan Shannahoff and Gus McKay.
[photograph:Shawn Gendron]